Christine is a AHPRA Board Acrredited Supervisor. She supervises as both a primary and secondary supervisor for registrars seeking Educational & Developmental endorsement, and 4+2 and 5+1 psychology pathways.

Supervision is available for psychologists, educators and allied health clinicians interested in furthering their abilities in child, youth and family mental health, developmental challenges, Neurodivergence-affirming clinical practices, assessment skills, report and letter writing. Christine provides 1 off sessions for specific topic areas and for letter or report writing reviews.

Christine also provides teachers and education professionals supervision. Relevant topics may include working within an inclusive education approach, with students who have developmental challenges to create classroom and school wide supports, accommodations and adjustments; and understanding the sensory/social/attentional impacts of classrooms and learning environments on Neurodivergent students. 

Interest Areas

  • Child, adolescent & family mental health;
  • Developmental disabilities;
  • Creating Neurodivergent affirming environments;
  • Conducting Neurodivergence affirming assessments with children, adolescents and adults; 
  • Masked, camouflaged and internalised Autism, ADHD, Neurodivergence;
  • Affirming clinical practice;
  • Establishing Animal Assisted practice from policy to practice development;
  • Report and letter writing using affirming language;
  • Differential diagnosis;
  • Collaborating on affirming, client-led recommendations for supports, accommodations and reasonable adjustments;
  • Workplace experience: primary & secondary schools, community organisations, hospitals and private practice.


Supervision is offered at a standard rate of $110 (excluding GST) per 1 hour session. I offer supervision of report and letter writing skills, review of reports, forms or letters. Fees for this are negotiable depending on your specific needs. 

I provide a sliding scale fees for clinicians who are provisional psychologists, working part time, or who are on parental leave. Please contact me to discuss your circumstances.

Request supervision by emailing: