Current Projects

I am engaged in the following research projects:

International Research Collaborations

Currently, I am collaborating in three international research projects:

  • Developing a Children’s Mental Health Literacy Scale: Working will colleagues in the USA, Australia, The Netherlands, and Norway we are developing an international scale to examine children’s knowledge and understanding of mental health (Inclusive & Psychology Academic Community and Invited Scholars Scheme funding bringing International Partner A/Prof Joanne Riebschleger to Australia);
  • Inclusive Pedagogy in Teacher Preparation: Alongside colleagues in the UK, Canada and Australia we aim  to better understand how classroom teachers can be prepared to respond to the increasing diversity of students in their classrooms;
  • Group co-leader of the Parental and Family Mental Health Worldwide Network Communications Group focused disseminating research using social media to improve public understanding of key mental health issues (2016 –> date).

Network of collaboration by a country level:


To date I have successfully attained just under AUD$1 million in research funding to continue research both nationally and internationally, for the most up to date list please see my University research page.

Potential Collaborations

If you are interested to work together on a project please get in touch I welcome new ideas and collaborations!