Current Projects

I am engaged in the following research projects:

International Research Collaborations

Currently, I am collaborating in three international research projects:

  • Developing a Children’s Mental Health Literacy Scale: Working will colleagues in the USA, Australia, The Netherlands, and Norway we are developing an international scale to examine children’s knowledge and understanding of mental health (Inclusive & Psychology Academic Community and Invited Scholars Scheme funding bringing International Partner A/Prof Joanne Riebschleger to Australia);
  • Inclusive Pedagogy in Teacher Preparation: Alongside colleagues in the UK, Canada and Australia we aim  to better understand how classroom teachers can be prepared to respond to the increasing diversity of students in their classrooms;
  • Group co-leader of the Parental and Family Mental Health Worldwide Network Communications Group focused disseminating research using social media to improve public understanding of key mental health issues (2016 –> date).

Network of collaboration by a country level:

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To date I have successfully attained research funding to continue research both nationally and internationally.

Potential Collaborations

If you are interested to work together on a project please get in touch I welcome new ideas and collaborations!