Completed Projects

Community and/or NGO’s:

  • Grové, C. (2018). Developing a conflict resolution theoretical framework for principals, leaders, teachers and whole school staff. Australian Scholarship Group.  Victoria, Aus.
  • Grové, C. (2018). A review of student bullying and anger issues to inform evidence base practices for teachers. Principals Australia Institute. Victoria, Aus.
  • Latetas, s., & Grové, C. (2018). Queen Elizabeth Centre (QEC): A Parenting Assessment and Skill Development Program (PASD): a pilot evaluation (QEC funding).
  • Jacobs, K., & Grové, C. (2016). Peer Assisted Learning for (and by) Students with Learning Difficulties: Evaluation of a peer tutoring reading program. Unpublished report to SPELD Community Organisation, Victoria, Aus.
  • Grové, C., Reupert, A., & Maybery, D. (2014). Australian Kookaburra Kids Camp evaluation to the Kookaburra Kids Foundation. Unpublished Report to The Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation, New South Whales, Aus.


  • Villatte, A., Aimé, A., Piché, G., Marcotte, J., Grove, C., Leblanc, L. & Roberge, M. (2019). Build on a community-based, participatory approach to developing services for youth between the ages of 16 and 25 with a parent with a mental health disorder. Government of Canada; Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council;
  • Grové, C., & Henderson, L. (2019)Evaluation of the Canine Court Companion Program across NSW, NSW Department of Justice;
  • Sharma, U., McLean L., & Grové, C., & Mullick, J. (2018-2019).Commonwealth Department of Education Mixed Methods research grant to Assess the Validity and Reliability of Teacher Judgements on the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) on School Students with Disability;
  • Sharma, U., Zhang, H., Grove, C., & Mullick, J. (2018). Professional Learning Program for Special Education Teachers from the Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education;

  • Grové, C., Reupert, A., & Maybery, D. (2012). Family Focus DVD evaluation: Families Where a Parent Has a Mental Illness to the Children of Parents with a Mental Illness National Initiative. Unpublished report to the National Children of Parents with a Mental Illness Initiative, Victoria, Aus.
  • Maybery, D., Reupert, A., Grové, C., Goodyear, M., Marston, N,. & Sutton K. (2012). Targeted preliminary evaluation of Department of Health FaPMI strategy.  Published report to the Department of Health, Victoria, Aus.