My research interests lie in engaging with the young person’s perspective and experience across psychology and education. I lecture in inclusion and psychology and supervise research students within this area.

I work collaboratively with health care professionals, teachers, parents and young people to support the individual and unique needs of youth. Underlying my research interest is my passion for supporting the needs of all students in the best ways possible while maintaining their wellbeing and sense of belonging.

My doctoral research examined interventions for children of parents with a mental illness which received the Lewis & Lewis Educational & Developmental Psychology Postgraduate Research Award.

I was awarded the Deans Early Career Researcher Award to develop, build and pilot an artificial intelligence technology application (known as a Chatbot) to support the wellbeing of high school students. My research interests have lead me to find ways to bridge education, psychology and technology to support the needs of all youth in schools and the community; including those with diverse and high needs.

Most recently, I was selected to participate in The Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft 5 day Ideas Lab on the Mental Health of Children and Adolescents in Vienna, Austria. Thirty six researchers were selected from around the world and across disciplines to work together to create next generation approaches to youth mental health.

Research Interests

My research primarily focuses on exploring the impact of vulnerability experienced by children, adolescents and families in schools and the community, including:

    • Inclusion and special education
    • Educational psychology
    • Student voice and engagement
    • Child and adolescent focused research
    • Primary and secondary school: social and emotional learning and school wide approaches
    • Prevention and early intervention
    • Children and families where a parent has a mental illness
    • Individuals with a disability
    • Digital technologies in mental health
    • Mental health and well being in children and adolescents

Research Methodology Expertise

  • Mixed-methods research design
  • Participatory research methods
  • Qualitative methodologies
  • Scale validation with vulnerable populations

Research Supervision

Within my area of expertise I supervise students in the Doctor of Philosophy program (7 current), in the Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology (6 current, 1 to successful completion) and minor research projects in the Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology program (2 current, 6 to successful completion).